Brief History of Caret Academy

The vision to set up a school first came in November 2005.

I got an instruction from God to do these specific things:

*Catch them young,

*Train them,

*Make their bones strong and

*Release them.

Being a christian, I thought to myself, I was already passionate and involved in  children and teenagers Ministry. I had a very strong desire to see them grow in integrity and excellence.

In fact on one occasion, a young teen asked me, why I was so interested in them and wanting to make things work out for everyone? I gave a simple reply and said “because I want you to do well in life”.

As I grew older, I began to ask God for a platform for the manifestation of what I saw in 2005.

Fortunately for me, in  2015, in a vision, an elderly man called out to me and said, “You go and open a school”.

So, I embarked on the registration of the name ‘Caret Academy’.

Sequel to the registration, in

2018,  I got a premises on lease and started with   Creche in February 2018,  with just a month old baby by name Gregory Uwaifo. However, before we ever opened our doors for business, the Efosa-Edokpayi family had expressed their desire to register their wards with

Caret Academy.

Just before the commencement of the new 2018/2019 academic session, we organized summer classes and owing to our outstanding performance by the first day of resumption in September 2018, we had a total numbers of 76 pupils ranging from Creche category  to Middle Basic   (Primary 4) and by the first week of second term we recorded a total number of a 100 pupils.

The growth continued into the 2019|2020 Academic Session.

We are grateful to God. We know we will grow bigger and better to the glory of God.

The beautiful part of our second session was that we got over 50 pupils in September 2019, without any form of advert whatsoever.

Referrals from parents did the trick to the glory of God.. ……..


Welcome to Caret Academy ” Today’s Mould for Tomorrow’s Leaders