Admission Policy

Caret Academy is receptive to all children/Cuties regardless of their age, race, gender, color, nationality or creed.
The reception of any child/cutie into Caret Academy is hinged on the fact that:
1. The child must be emotionally and psychologically capable of participating in an all day program me/activity designed for his/her grade level and age.

2. The child must take the preliminary test for admission into Caret Academy for proper assessment/evaluation.

3. Submission of the last terms result from previous school where applicable

How To Register
Please note that enrollment will not be accepted without the physical presence of the Parent/Guardian and child in question.

At the point of enquiry, parents are expected to meet the RECEPTIONIST for a tour of the school premises, obtain the requisite forms, discuss the philosophy and core values of the school, fee schedule and other policies of Care Academy.

Parents/Guardians are also expected at this point to intimate the school authority of any special needs and or allergies of their wards.

Parents/Guardians are expected to visit the school premises alongside their wards for the tour of the premises.

Registration Forms
Registration forms are obtained from the Administration office.
The registration fotms should be dully filled by the Parent/Guardian and submitted before resumption.
Attached to the filled forms should be:
1. Evidence of payment of the requisite fees
2. Birth Certificate and Medical report attesting to the medical fitness of the child
3. 2 passport photographs.

Please note that any change in vital information shared with the school must be communicated as soon as possible with the school authority.

Thanks and welcome to Caret Academy