Dear parents, it’s with great pleasure, that I welcome you and your ward to Caret Academy, an institution synonymous with high standard and excellence.


My great love for children and the desire to fulfill God’s call and mandate over my life brought about the establishment of Caret Academy in February 2018.


The name Caret Academy is indicative of the direct words God gave me. He said “Catch them young, make their bones strong and release them”. This entails training and molding. The word Caret is a Latin word that traces its origin to 1681. It means there is lacking or wanting. It is also a symbol inserted in a phrase or sentence to add  a  missing word or letter. In essence it helps to correct a sentence or helps to fill a vacuum, a want or lack.


At Caret Academy we realize the fact that every new born child is a tabular rasa. Empty, without any obvious skill or knowledge. However, as the child grows, family, society, peers and churches all leaves very strong impressions in the heart and mind of the young child. These impressions are the basis of the child’s attitudes, opinions and part in life. We are set to fill the vacuum recognizing the uniqueness of the individual child. With us,  the young child will develop a relationship with God in conjunction with educational knowledge, technical know-how, integrity and morals.


Caret Academy has a team of hardworking, well dedicated and highly skilled staff whose desire is to provide your wards with an all-embracing basic education capable of molding them into some of the best human resource for our nation and the world at large. With our serene environment, state of the art classrooms, academic work, teaching and learning is effective. The happiness and growth of our pupils will be our most treasured asset. Your ward is our Trailblazers.


We operate an open door policy where Parents/Guardians are free to approach the Head of school on any matter concerning their children. At Caret Academy our staff, parents/Guardians and their wards are our greatest asset.


Welcome to Caret Academy!

Barr. (Mrs.) Edith Emamezi Efam Proprietress